Stereo Cubes: A Screenshot of the Future

07 avril 2016   by Yanis Azze
How will graphics look like in Virtual Reality 20 years from now? It's one thing to describe it, but a whole another one to be able to look at a sample of it.

Today, different visual media technologies seem to be all converging towards 3D capture or recreation of sceneries with technologies such as LightField cameras, but by far, the most immersive and realistic creations are those that use real physical simulation of lights, physics or materials found in CGI (computer generated graphics). Such method is demanding in processing power and is still bound to pre-rendering tools and technics. 

Fortunately with Virtual Reality a variety of methods, software and technologies have emerged to enable the experience of very realistic sceneries. One such methods is the creation of synthetic stereo cube-maps consisting in the creation of 360° CG scenes rendered from two points-of-view in which assets are arranged spatially then treated with focusing, reflection or parallax effect to give a the impressions of depth and presence sought after in VR.

Recently, Otoy (Octane Render) CEO Jules Urbach alongside John Carmack from Oculus/Epic and CG artist Alex Ross launch their Render the Metaverse contest to let creative put together the best stereo cube-maps sceneries to be experience in with a Virtual Headset. Here is our selection of the some of the most impressive ones (to be experiences on Gear Vr or Oculus Rift with the Oculus 360° photos apps or the Virtual Desktop app):

Cathedral of Woods par Visualimpression

Education Channel par Simmono

Black Salt par _ZOa_

The Metaverse Club par Zaptruder

Bathtub Paranoia par Johnteddy

Toy Story par Ramone163

Next Step for Mankind par Ben_kidd

VR Invaders par Ramone163

Imaged Reality par California_Ben

The Meta par Seriks

Neo Shinjuku Crossing par Johnteddy

130 ARRRGH! par Reaver000

Mini Metaverse par Javierleon

Otoy Pilgrim par Ramone163

Colonial Wars par Chersterfield

Click on the images to access the full stereo cube-maps to be downloaded, to be added in your OculusPhoto folder or any folder accessible from your 360° player.
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