Ford Focus Fast Back : behind the scenes

The Slikland Studio and the Cricket Brasil agency give us a behind-the-scènes tour of the Ford Focus Fast Back experiment.

Slikland  is a Creative Development Studio based in São Paulo Brazil, a production company focused in the technical and development of digital projects for Advertising Agencies. 

Cricket Brasil  is a digital/technological company based in São Paulo Brazil capable of developing any digital projects and everything else that can be imagined when physical and digital media meet.

How did you come to the digital area? What is your background?

Slikland's founders Keita and Valck, has large experience in their carreer working for digital agencies and production companies inside and outside of Brazil.
We've worked in many award winning projects with high quality and visual details, and we've brought this idea into Slikland's motto.

Cricket began 14 years ago always working with the digital world following and studying the top technologies.

We started developing websites, mobile apps, Facebook mobile and nowaday we are the most knowing company in Brazil that create, produce and develop projects including digital and physical installations. Our clients are the best advertising agencies in Brazil and direct clients like Google, Globe broadcast and many others.

"We saw an increase of people joining the digital industry and spreading the digital branches on advertising."

We had a very creative decade. It seems that digital creativity is more and more focused on efficiency. Do you think there is a brighter future ahead?

Yes, we're sure there's a brighter future. In general, world is changing, we are going through a economy changes, but that's the moment people are more creative.

Now specifically in the digital industry, we saw an increase of people joining the digital industry and spreading the digital branches on advertising, such as installations, virtual realities, wereable applications and devices.

"Visuals with richer details and effects."

What does WebGL bring in particular to the user experience?

With WebGL, Cricket was able to bring to the end user visuals with richer details and effects. It's like having a high quality CG application running in real time in the user's browser. We can give the user a interactive high quality visuals closer to a blockbuster movie.

How came the idea of 
Fast Back ? How would you describe the project?

The idea came from The Blue Hive agency. They wanted to give the user the experience of driving a sturdy machine, the Ford Focus Fastback.

Besides all the information about the car, user had the experience of a virtual test drive on Monaco and Atlantic City speedways.

The website and animations was made by Slikland and WebGL and 3D experience made by Cricket.
The team loved the challenge to develop this job in a very short time.

How did you proceed? What were the different stages of creation and development?

Basically we had 2 teams working on the development with the Agency. Slikland and Cricket Brasil.
Slikland was responsible on the development of the website with informations about the car and HTML5 animations.Cricket Brasil was responsible for the WebGL development and 3D experiences (Monaco and Atlantic City speedways).

"A smooth project."

Did you run into any obstacles while working on the project?

Sure, some usual obstacles such as resource schedules, compliance with browser scopes, etc.
But overall, all of us had a smooth project without no major obstacles.

What are the different skills that worked on it?

On the overall development of the website, Slikland had many multidiciplinary people working on the project like motion designers, front-end and back-end developers, but all of them with different backgrounds. 

On the WebGL and 3D experience, Cricket Brasil had 3D engineers and Unity/Three.js game developers to bring the best experience to the user.

"Several industry awards on the project execution, the webGL experience and the experience on mobile."

What are the feedbacks on this project? from Ford et from users?

The project was aimed to be the largest investment for the client on digital advertising, and we've achieved a positive feedback from the client.

The general user was amazed about the whole project and also the use of WebGL in a project carring a brand known to everyone.

And overall, we've received several digital industry awards, not only on the WebGL experience, but on the project execution and also experience on mobile devices, which is a great recognition.

Do you think co-creation with users is a possible future for Marketing?

Yes it is. Actually it's something the advertising always worked, but with a struggle because of the media.

Today we have a great integration of the general user in the digital community using social networks and other medias.
This way we can easily create targeted products and user participation in many levels.

What are you working on these days?

As always, we're working on amazing projects, using experimental technologies and amazing visual effects :)

Just keep tuned on our Facebook page, website and you'll see our cool updates.
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