Showcase #6

17 mars 2016   by Z Team
This week, VR is king!

Dali & VR
Dreams of Dali is a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience on exhibit at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida as part of the “Disney and Dali: Architects of the Imagination exhibit.“

Oreo and the Chocolate Factory
Oreo offers an immersive VR video at the heart of a Chocolate Factory. The cartoon world is strongly inspired by Charlie and The Chocolat Factory.

The Surge
This music video is realised in VR by the dutch artist Arjan van Meerten. Users are transported to a musical wolrd composed of geometrical forms with a note of post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

The Crossing
The Crossing is a good example of the use of the virtual reality and 360 video in a documentary. VR allows here to cut down the limits settled by a simple video or picture, to feel closer to the reality exposed in the documentary.

The Climb
The Climb is a very anticipated VR game from Crytek Studios. This video gives a glimpse of the game that proposes to users to experience the sensations of a professional mountain-climber within breathtaking landscapes.


1944 packs a VR punch! The experience is rather short but sufficiently immersive thanks to a well-done storytelling. The video stages a US army division during the D-Day.

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