Showcase #5

01 mars 2016   by Z Team
Massive Music
Discover Mmorph, an interactive and musical experiment. Through WebGL interactions, you can control the music and create sounds you can modify without restrictions. Some movements are not obvious, but a great part of the experiment is rather intuitive.

Build Your Planet

The 3D artist Oskar Starlberg designed an impressive WebGL editor. This micro-game invites users to modify at will the planet surface : towns, forests, ice fields, … The interface is user-friendly.

WebGL Demos

Here are two neat WebGL demos created by the developper @edankwan. The shaders, like in ‘Icicle Bubbles’, are especially incredible.

One Year

This interactive calendar from Immersive Garden gives an artistic sense to WebGL. Through a simple ‘drag & drop’, each month of the year highlights one of the studio’s project.

Paper Peninsula

Greenwich peninsula is a paper town designed in WebGL. The interactive map of the town offers different views to users, with one closed view which reminds us of the Google Map Street View.

Dynamic Content

Like the New York Times, The Atlantic tries the dynamic content in WebGL. See for yourself the way the content is featured :

logo ultranoir
logo ultranoir