Showcase #4

02 fevrier 2016   by Z Team
Black Lands
Black Lands is a musical WebGL experience. According to its creator, it is an upcoming VR project where users will be able to modify the landscape and also alter the soundscape.

Share your memories

Coca-Cola reveals its new communication strategy. 2016 campaigns will have to represent a product aimed at anybody, anywhere. An everyday life product. The ‘Partage tes souvenirs’ website (share your memories) features the diversity of Coca-Cola consumers. The WebGL wave-shaped stream of ‘coke memories’ is especially noteworthy.

X-Files is back!
Do You Still Believe is a digital campaign produced for new X-files season. The Watson/DG agency imagined a WebGL experience designed to gather the fans of the original TV show.

View From Above
Emirates company and Boeing present « View From Above », an impressive 3D modelization of our planet Earth. Users can move around the globe and click on the destinations proposed by the company. Incredibly fluid !

Endless Wish
Sweet Punk agency invented a musical, original and interactive greetings card. The experimental journey invites users to explore a world centered on emotions. Let your emotions define the boundaries of your future projects !

The Grey Tales
The Grey Tales is a very smooth narrative experience with WebGL elements. It tells 4 stories about elephants, their past and present. The colorful but sober artistic direction enhances the readability of the texts.

A State Of War
The State Library of Queensland delivers an exceptional collection of personal photographs, letters, diaries and newspaper articles from the First World War. Through the use of WebGL, this website allows to discover how Queenslanders experienced the war.

Interactive wishes
The Make Me Pulse agency wishes us an happy new year with an original digital experience. The micro-experiments are accessible through a kind of wheel of fortune activated by an ingenious "click & hold".

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