Meet The Makers

25 novembre 2015   by Z Team
Z is a webzine entirely designed by ultranoir with the aim of explaining the principles of online 3D to digital brand managers. The driving force behind this initiative comes from the observation that there still isn’t any online media that makes this technology understandable by all.

Meet the Makers

In our first issue, we demonstrated the advantages of WebGL, showed you how it operates, and made you discover – or rediscover – the heroes of 3D.
In this new issue, we chose to further this 3D adventure by giving you all the keys to creating a WebGL project.

Uncover tips and tricks for the creation of 3D elements in a browser.
Meet the makers of impressive experiences and essential tools.
Peek behind the scenes of WebGL experiences design.

Behind the scenes

Issue #2 THE MAKERS takes you on a journey to the core of online 3D: how do you create WebGL experiences? Is WebGL rendering different from 3D rendering? What do you need to know? Is mobile a platform to focus on?
We chose a number of projects to illustrate the creation stages of a 3D online experience. We also hand-picked the best tools currently available for the creation of 3D scenes and elements optimized for browsers.

We hope this issue will help you in the creation of your own WebGL projects, but for now, have a good read!
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