Z Showcase #2

As in every issue, we cherry-picked the best of the web for you, among the latest WebGL creations of note.

Sound Sculpture
Audio headphones brand Sennheiser releases an impressive interactive and participatory website. User experience is enhanced through the use of WebGL. Two modes allow for an enjoyable experience, depending on the abilities of the device used. You can find the interview of the agency responsible for the project in our article 'Sennheiser, Reshaping Excellence Project '.


A Symphonic Odyssey

The Orchestre de Paris offers users the chance to become digital maestros and take part in a musical piece. By moving their cursor as the piece is played, users give life to the music, and various shapes gracefully flow on their screen. In addition, the site features a screen capture function, allowing users to either submit highlights of their experience, or share them on social networks.

"Let Him who is without sin …"

The Guardian created an original and rather unusual project in which users are urged to transcend their reader status and contribute to the website. This contribution can take the form of real time data that catches the users’ attention and encourages them to read the available articles. The site thematically revolves around our online behavior in relation to the seven deadly sins.

A coffee bean’s journey

This website uses various technologies, including WebGL. User experience gains depth while browsing remains fluid and intuitive. Each page is a new adventure, a new discovery to be made: coffee beans travel, and so do users.

Minimalistic WebGL
Bose set up a classy and trendy website showcasing their latest products, built with Pixi.js, an engine which uses WebGL for high-fluidity 2D renderings. It would have been great to be able to examine headphones from every angle but unfortunately they are not rendered in 3D; the experience is one step away from perfection.

World Map
World Atlas was National Geographic’s very first app, and its user experience has just been redesigned. Browsing is more fluid and intuitive, and the application gains a new dimension: the world map is now presented as an interactive globe, with zoom and 360 functions.

Home shopping
For its new clothing line, Carrefour has become the first large retail outlet in France to offer online virtual fitting rooms. Through an app available on iOS and Android, the user can create his own avatar and then log in Carrefour’s website to try on the new clothing line.

Save the Rainforest

This eco-conscious project lets users explore the map of a rainforest in the style of Google Maps : moving around, zooming, "street" viewing, informations on specific points, ... The experience is a bit slow on certain devices, but is overall very effective!

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