Data Visualization and WebGL

22 juillet 2015   by Z Team
Data is presented with dynamic visuals.

Reading data is not always an easy thing to do: it can be daunting sometimes. The challenge today is to encourage users to consult a set of data by creating appealing visuals they can grasp at a glance. What happens when WebGL meets up with this new digital trend?

What is data visualization?

It is a term that refers to all the techniques of presenting data with appealing shapes to facilitate its understanding and analysis. Data vizualisation is a mega web trend. It gives the opportunity to communicate more effectively on information that is considered dense.
Indeed, reading data is not very pleasant at times. We are often inundated with numbers and figures and find ourselves unable to depict them accurately.
That’s the reason why data visualization is particularly relevant when multiple results intersect: it improves the data reading experience by making it more engaging and visually appealing. A schema is often more readable and user-friendly than a set of numbers.

WebGL: a new tool for data visualization

The 3D materialization of data provides an interactive and educational experience to the user; it makes the data consultation more inviting. The user can easily understand the information when it’s displayed in a dynamic way, and the intuitive navigation smoothes the user experience.

Interacting with the displayed information.

The following examples show the value of WebGL when it comes to displaying complex content.

The site puts forward dynamic data visualization. The data are featured on a WebGL globe. The user can filter with additional criteria to refine the information according to his need.!/
This website collects and analyzes data in real-time for an interactive visualization of information related to LinkedIn, the social network.
The 3D data visualization can also be of service to the press to support, visually, the results of an investigation.
It can also draw attention to boring or cliched topics by offering a lively and intriguing experience.
This Google project goes beyond data visualization to offer a superb visual and audio experience: the information is combined into animations and audio text within a sleek navigation and an efficient design.
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