Which Supports are Compatible with WebGL?

24 août 2015   by Z Team
3D on browsers.

We have explored WebGL’s many possibilities and seen just how effective these creative experiences can be. But on what can WebGL really run? Which OS and browsers are compatible with this exciting new technology?

A chameleon technology:

In essence, WebGL is intended to be accessible on all devices (Windows computer, IOS Smartphone, etc). To run a WebGL website, all you need is a browser and a graphics board:
It works on all recent devices without any problems.

Here is a list of the most commonly-used OS and devices that are compatible with WebGL:


Some connected video game consoles like Xbox ONE and PS4, or even Smart TVs, also support WebGL.

Source: http://webglstats.com/

Checking the browser’s compatibility:

Most of the common browsers, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, have already implemented WebGL. If in doubt, particularly regarding the compatibility of the browser’s version (if prior to 2013), you can check this site:

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